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Open-source E-commerce Solution.

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Built using MEVN Stack (Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, MongoDB) with Developer Friendliness and Cloud Integrations in mind.

Previously powered the Veniqa New York Startup.

⇨ Appeared as a #1 Trending Github Project Worldwide (02/23/2020)
⇨ Appeared as a #1 Trending Topic on HackerNews (Feb. 2020)

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Multi-Device Mockup

# Demo 💻

# Shopping Platform (opens new window)

Netlify Status (opens new window)

Responsive across all devices

Feel free to sign up and checkout using dummy credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242.

# Admin Platform (opens new window)

Netlify Status (opens new window)

Currently only responsive for laptop view

Any edit attempts made in demo admin panel are blocked, and will fail.

Demo Credentials

Email: veniqademo@gmail.com

Password: pass$12

# Perfect For Boostrapped Startups & Hacky Engineers 🤓

We love Woocommerce & Squarespace! But vendor lock-in and zero code access isn't for everyone.

With Veniqa, you have choices.

  • Launch yourself
  • Get a premium support package
  • Use the codebase for other projects

# The Suite 📦

# Few Things Under The Hood 🏭

# Built using the MEVN Stack & The Usual Suspects

MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Mongoose ORM, Redis, Sendgrid, Nodemailer (for fallback), Stripe.

# Performant & Secure - cause we like it that way

  • Distributed requests utilizing all system cores,
  • Encrypted authentication and sessions,
  • Backend equipped with request rate limiting to prevent scripted attacks and bot crawling,
  • Database & file-based logging.

# Built for the Cloud, with developers in mind

  • CD/CI friendly codebase and configuration setup,
  • Simplified dev-prod and local-cloud switches,
  • Docker scripts,
  • AWS S3 Integration for cheap image storage.

# Granular controls

  • Drag-and-drop design builders for home page customizations,
  • Image Editor to edit and preview product images and thumbnails,
  • Order tracking at a line item level,
  • Tariff support for international shipments,
  • Payment accepted in multiple digital forms and currencies powered by Stripe.

# Quickstart for Developers 🔌

You can start up the entire suite of applications using docker. For more information, go to Quick Start Documentation (opens new window).

# Contribution 🙏

We are looking for contributors to develop extensive test suites, and also address some of the enhancement roadmaps outlined in the issues page. Any Pull Requests/Bug Fixes/Issues found are appreciated.

Refer to the Quickstart Guide above to get up and running in minutes.

# Blame These People For 👇

Information about sponsorship tiers and benefits are outlined here (opens new window).

# Paypal

100% goes to Veniqa Engineering.

Paypal Email: veniqa.engineering@gmail.com

# OpenCollective

90% goes to Veniqa Engineering.

Donate on this page (opens new window)